Autumn in Aspen // @AspenCO

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In the fall of 2016, Andrew Studer and I decided to hit the road and head to Aspen, Colorado to see what we could do with the fall colors I knew would be popping up as the weather cooled down. I’m originally from the are and knew that fall is one of the most beautiful times to visit the area and would potentially make for really great imagery.

My past experience proved fruitful once again, as we got some really great stuff. From fly fishing, to driving my parent’s dog up the insanely beautiful Independence pass, we definitely got what we came for. Seriously, right around when the leaves are turning is the perfect time to visit.

To top it all off we finished the trip up with an epic helicopter flight around the Elk Mountains, Maroon Bells and beyond, with Aspen Heli Charter. Seeing the landscape from the sky is something I absolutely recommend, especially when the scenery is this beautiful.

Growing up in Aspen it has been a dream to fly there ever since I starting doing aerial media. I can’t wait to get back and get back up in the winter someday! Huge thanks to the Aspen Chamber for hosting us and inviting us to be judges in the 1st Annual Aspen Photo Challenge. Be sure to check the link to see the submissions and results!

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Huge thanks to: Aspen Chamber, Aspen Heli Tours & BorrowLenses.


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Fall 2016

Autumn in Aspen // AspenCO

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