Timelapse for Commercial Marketing, Advertising, Art Installations, ect..



Long-Term Timelapse

We want to help you share your project in a personal or marketable way through the use of long-term and short-term time-lapse, video, photography and aerial drone. We work on all types of projects from custom private homes, commercial buildings, art structures and anything involving a creative vision.

We currently have projects in Aspen Snowmass, Roading Fork area of Colorado and have had a few of our cameras running non-stop for over 5 years.

Our units capture hi-res photos using standard DSLR cameras, at regular intervals and send them over the cellular network to a secure web gallery that can be viewed anywhere, anytime. The photos can then be used to create a High-Quality time-lapse film, marketing material, documentation and even security from your project.

Looking to get a camera or two set up on your project? Let’s chat, We offer many packages from small to big.

Our Standard Package

Each of our timelapse units come with the following:

Weatherproof Housing

Our weatherproof housings protect from nature’s fury and keep your camera clicking through rain, hail, snow, and shine.

Online Web Gallery

View, search and compare the latest uploaded photos on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Deligated password access.

Solar Powered

Low-powered electronics completely powered by one small solar panel – no mains power required.

DSLR Camera Intergration

We use High quality, brand-name cameras to ensure best quality photos. Depending on your budget and project scope, we will package you with the right camera.

Live Status Reporting

Our team manages the status of your unit (s) so you can have peace of mind, knowing what is happening at any time.

Remote Configuration

Our team can configure the system remotely, all settings are sent over the 3G network, even Alaska!


We consider ourself content experts, and that means we can assist you on any project at any level, or take direction and really bring your brand to life. Contact us today and lets see if we are the right fit.



Large format images to 8K Resolution Video and Timelapse